SAFARI Montage Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the SAFARI Montage Login:




Accessing the correct SAFARI Montage Login page:

1. Upload the following link for the SAFARI Montage Login page into your internet browser by clicking on it as it's been provided here:

NOTE: This login site required for you to have a special SAFARI Montage Media Player in order to access the site in all of its glory. You can continue the login process though by bypassing the download alert and continue without downloading, however, it may be best to go ahead and download the software.

2. Enter your username into the first field that is provided.

3. Enter the password for your account into the next field that has been provided.

4. Click the login button to access your account.






Has there been a problem with accessing the SAFARI Montage Login page? Read this section for more details.

If there is a need to correct any of your credentials with the SAFARI Montage Login page, read the following note:

NOTE: Currently this site isn't providing any online remedy for the username or password recovery. When this procedure becomes available we will make sure to update it here in this article so that you will always have the most accurate information. For now, we advise that you use the contact details provided later in this article to gain resolution to these issues. Once your username and/or password have been recovered or reset refer back to the video above or step one in the login process.





Here are the contact details regarding the SAFARI Montage Login page.

SAFARI Montage Sales:

(800) 843-4549

Technical Support:

(800) 782-7230

SAFARI Montage Office:

SAFARI Montage
7 E Wynnewood Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096
Phone: (800) 843-4549
Facsimile: (610) 658-7119


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